Benefits (USA)

Health and Wellness

Our comprehensive insurance programs are designed to minimize the effect of catastrophic accident or illness of employees and their families while also promoting wellness.

Health Care: Rudolph offers a network of healthcare providers located in your geographical area. When using providers in the network, you are paid a higher level of benefits for services provided within the plan. Additionally, you have the option to be treated outside the network by any doctor or facility and you are free to change doctors or facilities at any time. No referrals are required. A prescription benefit allows you to purchase prescriptions for a low co-payment at participating retail pharmacies. A mail order service is also available if you are required to take medication on a regular basis.

Dental Care: Several options are offered for dental care. The Plan provides both in- and out-of- network coverage.

Vision Care: A complete vision examination by a participating provider is covered once every 12 months as well as coverage for eyeglasses or an allowance for contact lenses.

Employee Assistance Program: Professional, confidential assistance in coping with difficult life problems such as family and marital concerns, grief and bereavement, drug/alcohol abuse and lifestyle issues.
Group Term Life Insurance: Life insurance coverage and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) is provided at two (2) times your annual salary up to a maximum of $450,000. This coverage is free to all eligible employees.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability: The Rudolph plan protects the income of employees who are unable to work due to disability for short periods (more than one week) and longer periods (after 180 days of disability). The coverage is free to all eligible employees.


Increase Equity, Savings and Financial Security

Rudolph makes it easy to save for retirement and provide a level of financial security as you and your family look to the future. Reduce your taxes and increase your savings with these benefits:

401k Plan: Rudolph offers a 401k Plan with automatic enrollment that enables employees to save from their pay in the form of a salary deferral. The plan offers employees the flexibility of investing their savings in a variety of professionally managed investment funds through Fidelity Investments. The Company matches 50% up to the first 6% that you contribute to the plan. Vesting occurs incrementally and full vesting occurs after six (6) years.

Section 125 Flexible Spending Plan: Health care and dependent care plans allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars from your paycheck to cover eligible health care (medical, dental and vision care) and dependent (child and elderly) care expenses.

Stock Purchase Plan: Employees can purchase shares of Rudolph stock through regular payroll deductions at a discount. The purchase price is 95% of the Rudolph common stock fair market value based on the last day of the purchase period.

Cash Bonus Plan: Bonus dollars may be earned on a pro-rata basis based on financial targets approved by the Board of Directors annually.

Rudolph Charitable Match Program: To encourage and support the generosity and community involvement of employees, Rudolph offers the Rudolph Charitable Match Program, which provides matching funds to the charitable organizations employees personally support. To maximize the impact of employee charitable giving, Rudolph matches, dollar for dollar, donations made by eligible employees, up to $1,000 (USD or foreign equivalency) per year, to the eligible nonprofit organizations or educational institutions of their choice.


Enjoy Paid Time Off

Rudolph recognizes the need for employees to get away from their normal working conditions for some rest and relaxation. We provide generous time-off benefits that acknowledge the family needs and lifestyle of our diverse workforce. Time off benefits include vacation, holiday, personal and sick time.


Career Development

At Rudolph, we believe our success as a business is dependent upon the skills, knowledge, talents, energy and dedication of our employees. We take pride in providing a work environment that encourages employees to develop professionally. We support and encourage our employee’s participation in a variety of formal and informal development opportunities, both internally and externally.

Tuition Assistance: Tuition assistance is provided for a course or degree program taken through an institution accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency. This program reimburses tuition expenses for courses directly related to an employee’s current job, next logical position, or long-term career development.

Professional Development Planning: As part of the ongoing and annual performance review process, the employee and their manager set goals and objectives for their personal and professional development.

Internal Job Posting Program: Positions that become available within the company are posted internally to offer employees who have been in their current positions for a minimum of one year to apply for those positions.