Yield Forum Series

The Rudolph Yield Forum™ is a technology and applications seminar for semiconductor manufacturing professionals—fab managers, tool owners and process engineers. Launched in 2006, Yield Forums have been held in all major semiconductor manufacturing regions around the world. A typical agenda might include sessions for advanced packaging, front-end wafer processing, back-end final manufacturing, probe card test and analysis and LED manufacturing. Speakers from top fabs join Rudolph applications experts to discuss industry trends and share current application data and results from ongoing tool evaluations and production processes at various fabs.

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2016 Yield Forum Schedule
18 October - Munich, Germany

2015 Yield Forum Schedule
28 July - Hsinchu, Taiwan

2014 Yield Forum Schedule
15 April - Shanghai, China
31 July - Singapore
17 September - Regensburg, Germany

2013 Yield Forums
7 May - Hsinchu, Taiwan
6 December - Tokyo, Japan
10 December - Seoul, Korea