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ProcessWORKS® is the industry's leading software for run-to-run advanced process control (APC).

Using this self-contained application, manufacturers can increase profits and decrease costs every day. ProcessWORKS enables run-to-run supervisory process control that advances beyond traditional statistical process control and process monitoring, allowing users to achieve process goals in terms of desired effects such as thickness, rather than machine settings such as time of deposition. Using the control strategy configured by the engineer, ProcessWORKS calculates settings, performs analysis of the feedback data and adjusts the process model to keep the process on target. Because ProcessWORKS comprehends High Mix production, one control strategy can be transferred between factories.

ProcessWORKS is controlling thousands of tools in hundreds of different process areas 24x7 worldwide. This framework-based APC solution can be quickly fanned out across any factory, providing a significant and immediate return on investment.

ProcessWORKS is designed to:

  • Reduce setup and inspection time and costs
  • Reduce misprocessing and non-production material
  • Reduce process variability
  • Reduce engineering costs
  • Increase equipment throughput by reducing the number of pilots, descreasing manufacturing cycle time, and increasing time between PM cycles
  • Improve process capability and increased Cpk
  • Improve machine capacity and throughput
  • Increase factory capacity and yields
  • Reduce costs due to less consumables, reduced process engineering and manufacturing cycle time, and fewer fab capital equipment expenses