ProbeWoRx 300

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ProbeWoRx 300

The ProbeWoRx® System with fast 3D-OCM is the industry standard probe card production test and analysis system for large array, high pin-count cards.

Featuring "Hi-Speed 3-Dimensional Optical Comparative Metrology" at its core, this technology enables a breakthrough in overall system performance for both speed and accuracy. The ProbeWoRx system delivers reduced test times, higher accuracy and repeatability, and improved correlation for high pin-count, large array probe cards compared to traditional analyzers; and the ability to measure the increasing number of large and complex probe cards in "one-touch".

If you are located in Europe, please contact our distributor, John P Kummer.

  • High-speed 3D-Optical Comparative Metrology allows for single-touch continuous scan of all probes, dramatically reducing planarity and alignment test times
  • Probe card support up to 558.8mm diameter and array sizes up to 300mm diameter allows complete flexibility in your testing needs
  • Critical probe card and fixture deflection measurements for each probe are separated and quantified during planarity and alignment testing
  • High-Force capabilities of 200 Kg of Z-Force enable continued development and testing of advanced probe card solutions
  • Time-efficient: ProbeWoRx software analyzes the test suite to determine concurrent testing sequences for a more efficient process
  • Five integrated nests provide automated delivery of testing surfaces such as EP, CRes, and Leakage, minimizing overall test times

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