NSX 320

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NSX 320

Designed specifically for advanced packaging processes that use TSV

The NSX® family is the market leader for automated macro defect inspection for advanced packaging. Built on that success, the NSX 320 system offers specific inspection solutions for processes using through silicon vias (TSVs) to connect multiple die in a single package, and continuing to serve critical inspection needs for edge trimming metrology, wafer alignment during bonding processes and sawn wafers on film frames. With high acceleration staging, high-speed multi-processor computing and highly flexible software capabilities, the NSX 320 delivers industry-leading speed and sensitivity.

  • Choice of inspection platforms with hard-anodized finish which can accommodate 100mm to 300mm whole wafers
  • The objective turret provides flexibility for inspection applications requiring both high throughput and high resolution. The turret assembly has five (5) available slots and includes any three (3) of 1X, 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X and 20X objectives. Other slots may be populated with purchasable additional objectives.
  • The 2D defect and metrology verification standard is designed to verify system functionality and repeatability
  • Programmable light tower
  • Standard docking module
  • Throughput up to 120 wph (10µm)
  • Five minute recipe creation
  • Resolution flexibility (10µm to 0.5µm)
  • Three simultaneous color defect review methods: on-the-fly, high resolution, whole wafer
  • Teams with edge and backside modules for all-surface solution

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