for semiconductor manufacturers

Opaque Film Metrology

With PULSE™ Technology, an ultrafast flash of laser light generates a sound wave that passes through an opaque film stack. When the sound wave encounters a film interface, an echo returns to the surface. The time between sound induction and echo detection provides a direct measurement of film thickness. With its ability to rapidly measure thickness, density, and other film parameters of multilayer stacks non-destructively and without interference from underlying layers or levels, PULSE is ideal for on-product process control measurements.


Transparent Film Metrology

Rudolph's laser spectroscopic ellipsometer systems use multiple lasers that operate simultaneously at multiple angles and wavelengths to provide powerful analysis and measurement capabilities for advanced processes and  new materials. Lasers make the systems inherently stable, increasing measurement speed and accuracy while allowing for a reduction in maintenance costs. Most Rudolph systems employ advanced reflectometry technology that allows the characterization of films and film stacks beyond the capabilities of conventional reflectometry or ellipsometry alone. The S3000 Systems™ are designed to deliver the highest accuracy for optimizing critical film deposition processes in addition to providing superior repeatability and matching for monitoring production.


Delivers superior performance on Cu films that are critical in advanced device technologies and new TSV processes


Advanced transparent film metrology for the 28nm process node and below


Offers simultaneous FBE and DUVR measurement in advanced diffusion and fabwide thin film applications


Single wavelength ellipsometry and whole wafer MAControl for advanced gate metrology