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The MetaPULSE® G offers advanced capability for metal film measurement and characterization at the 32, 28 and 22nm nodes for FEOL, BEOL and back-end WLP applications and process control.

This new metrology system is the latest addition to Rudolph's MetaPULSE line -- the industry standard for thickness measurements of metal films. The MetaPULSE G delivers superior performance on all metal films, and is optimized for thin single and multilayer applications that are critical in advanced logic, memory and 3D packaging processes. Unlike optical and x-ray techniques, PULSE measures film thickness using a time-resolved acoustic signal that can be used in active die in the absence of special test pads.

  • Single wavelength 515nm PULSE ultra-fast laser is optimized for copper applications, delivering higher signal-to-noise ratios and superb measurement repeatability
  • 10x10 micron spot size assures measurement capability on product wafers in 30x30 micron or smaller test sites
  • Measure up to 60 WPH with gauge-capable precision
  • Highly repeatable measurements of metal films from 50Å to 8µm
  • In addition to thickness, PULSE Technology can determine RMS roughness, material density, adhesion, material phase and interlayer
  • Automation options capable of handling 150, 200, 300 and 450mm wafers
  • Fabwide metal metrology with low CoO