Refurbished Tool Program

Refurbished by Rudolph

If you need to expand your capacity or need a cost-efficient solution to reach your production targets, Rudolph Technologies’ refurbished tools can eliminate many of the risks and disappointments that occur when purchasing previously-owned equipment.

For a tool to be considered for resale, it must pass a thorough quality inspection by our technicians to ensure it is production-worthy. Upon acceptance, it is returned to one of our corporate re-manufacturing centers to begin its refurbishment.

The Process
After our quality inspection is completed and customer maintenance histories are carefully examined, all obsolete and defective components are replaced and any parts that perform below specifications are replaced. The tool then undergoes an exhaustive performance evaluation before shipment. This process provides a cost-effective, production-worthy tool designed to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits
Why choosing Rudolph over a reseller or 3rd party is better:

  • Receive a new-user software license and our Refurbished by Rudolph warranty
  • Access to our expert Technical Support staff, always available
  • Rely on our multi-million dollar OEM parts inventory, housed at strategic locations around the world to supply you with replacement or consumable parts when you need them
  • Become a member of the RTConnect family of Rudolph tool owners

Already own a Rudolph tool?
If you have an older model Rudolph tool, it may qualify for the Refurbished by Rudolph program. You may be able to apply credit towards your next Rudolph purchase, or if you are not ready to move to the next production node, we can issue a trade-in credit toward your next tool purchase. In addition, Rudolph will even consider purchasing any of your excess inventory.

Contact us or your local Branch Office to learn more about the Refurbished by Rudolph™ program or to discuss how Rudolph Technologies' inspection and metrology solutions can enhance yield and lower your cost of ownership.