Oct 14 — Oct 16, 2018 Portland, Oregon


Exhibit - Booth 2
8:00am — 5:00pm

Rudolph Technologies is pleased to sponsor COMPASS 2018, a FormFactor users' group conference.

At COMPASS in Portland, you will learn emerging test challenges, best practices and latest test and measurement technologies in a wide variety of advanced applications, such as 5G, silicon photonics, AI, IoT and high-power devices. The industry leaders and speakers from leading-edge research institutions will share their valuable insights and experiences. In addition to technical sessions, you will be invited to visit FormFactor’s Beaverton facility for live equipment demo, which will help you learn practical tips on how to improve your test accuracy and efficiency. The COMPASS program in Portland also includes Sponsors Expo, where FormFactor’s strategic solution partners will showcase their products. Attend COMPASS, and don’t miss the networking opportunities with your industry peers who are creating the future of the connected world!