Our digital world generates an enormous amount of data that is stored locally on a device or in the cloud. Memory has become the cornerstone of the mobile world and one of the most critical semiconductor devices manufactured today.

3D NAND Process Control

Hardmask metrology for real-time process feedback

As the number of layers in 3D NAND increases, hardmasks are used for etching deep, high aspect ratio (HAR) features that conventional photoresists cannot withstand. Monitoring hard mask thickness is critical to the 3D NAND process as it goes through an iterative etch process. Film thickness and repeatability affects the active area of cell and consistency of the litho/etch performance.

The ability to accurately measure these layers and understand the correlation to the deposition and etch processes is critical to device performance and yield.

High Bandwidth Memory TSV

Inspection and metrology for stacked die

High bandwidth memory (HBM) is achieved by the stacking of individual DRAM die. This stacking is made possible through the use of through silicon vias (TSVs). The inspection and CD metrology of these vias is necessary to ensure the interconnects between the die are successfully aligned and in contact with each other. In addition, the microbumps on the die being stacked need to be inspected to ensure interconnect coplanarity.

All-Surface Wafer Inspection

Monitoring defect impact to yield

Advanced processes have caused the total number of process steps to increase rapidly. Each step in the process has the ability to introduce defects that can kill yield or impact downstream process and final device reliability. The ability to inspect the front, edge, and backside of a wafer, automatic analysis, and correlate this data through advanced analytics ensures that defectivity is understood and kept to acceptable levels.

Consulting and Applications Services

Rudolph's process control consulting services allow busy manufacturers to focus on production while we examine how to improve the process.

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