MEMS have fueled innovation in industrial and consumer electronics, connecting the physical and digital worlds. These devices require complex manufacturing processes and require a unique approach to process control.

Cavity Integrity

Look beyond the surface to ensure quality

The ability to detect defects that are not visible on the top surface of a device is critical for many MEMS devices. Multiple angles in multiple directions further complicate the ability to properly monitor device quality and integrity. Rudolph uses unique illumination techniques across multiple wavelengths to create the optimal inspection capability for each unique MEMS device.

Substrate Handling

Solutions for the most strict wafer handling requirements

Complex MEMS manufacturing processes not only require a variety of handling solutions, but also place stringent demands on wafer handling, including limiting wafer contact to the extreme edge of a wafer, or perhaps, limit contact with the wafer completely.

A variety of handling solutions are needed to support the variety of requirements, including the ability to offer no wafer contact while also delivering wafer inversion capability for combined frontside and backside substrate inspection. Customized handling solutions can be created to meet the most demanding handling requirements.

Consulting and Applications Services

Rudolph's process control consulting services allow busy manufacturers to focus on production while we examine how to improve the process.

The Rudolph applications teams have over twenty years of experience with hundreds of successful projects worldwide across multiple industries. Contact us today to discuss your application study needs.

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