Unpatterned (Bare) Wafer

Bare wafer manufacturers provide the quality silicon wafers needed for today's semiconductor manufacturing

Haze Detection

Detect process-related defects at full speed

The AWX utilizes background scattering (haze) data to monitor process signatures and low contrast haze defects. Haze defects can be correlated to process parameters such as surface roughness and grain size. This delivers high speed, full-wafer metrology for bare wafers and blanket films.

The capability is used for qualification and monitoring of process tools to capture blanket film defects, enabling the monitoring of defects that may be introduced during semiconductor processing steps. It is also used by IC manufacturers to ensure that incoming wafer supply meets strict quality specifications.

Consulting and Applications Services

Rudolph's process control consulting services allow busy manufacturers to focus on production while we examine how to improve the process.

The Rudolph applications teams have over twenty years of experience with hundreds of successful projects worldwide across multiple industries. Contact us today to discuss your application study needs.

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