AWX™ Series

The AWX Series includes modular configurations for fast, reliable, all-surface inspection of the front, edge, and backside of the wafer.

Product Overview

The AWX Series consists of an automation platform with wafer transfer and sorting capability to be combined with up to two inspection modules for frontside, edge and backside inspection. Future metrology upgrades can easily be incorporated without changing the automation platform.

Frontside Inspection – FSI
Laser darkfield inspection capable of detecting particles, scratches, area defects, and micro roughness (haze) on bare wafers.

Backside Inspection – BSI
High sensitivity darkfield laser scattering system to detect particles, scratches, area defects, and haze at the wafer backside without flipping.

Edge Inspection – EDI
CCD camera system with darkfield and brightfield illumination. It detects scratches, particles, chip-outs and roughness on the wafer edge.

Edge and Backside Inspection – EBI
Combines the backside wafer inspection module and the edge wafer inspection module for parallel operation of edge and backside wafer defect inspection.

Notch Inspection Module - NIM
Integrated with the Edge and Backside Inspection module, this offers enhanced inspection of the notch region of the unpatterned wafer providing both darkfield and brightfield inspection for speed and resolution

Automatic Defect Classification – ADC
Automatically classifies defects on the wafer backside and edge.

AWX Series
AWX Series



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