S2000™ System

The S2000S metrology system is a high throughput focused beam ellipsometer and reflectometer system that provides accurate thickness and refractive index measurements for a wide range of materials for semiconductor process control.

Product Overview

Rudolph’s S2000 Series of metrology systems delivers the same superior measurement accuracy, repeatability and tool-to-tool matching as the S3000 systems. Utilizing Rudolph’s patented focused beam laser ellipsometry (FBE) systen with optional deep ultraviolet reflectometry, visible reflectometry, the S2000 System has found widespread adoption in the specialty foundry, RF, MEMS market.

S2000 System
S2000 System



  • Multi-wavelength, multi-angle FBE offers excellent repeatability and intrinsic tool matching
  • Discrete laser wavelengths 633, 784 and 923nm.
  • Optional blue wavelength available for specific applications
  • Thickness capability from 10Å to 90µm
  • Single and Multi-layer T,n,k for true fabwide metrology
  • Laser ellipsometry offers excellent repeatability due to a very stable light source

  • 190nm deep ultraviolet reflectometry (DUVR)
  • Visible reflectometer capable of measurements in 10um site size
  • SmartSearch Modeling algorithm for advanced applications
  • Central Recipe Manager for maintaining fleet security and control
  • Excursion detection

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