Yield Forum Regensburg

A Technology and Applications Forum presented by Rudolph Technologies

17 September 2014 
Sorat Insel-Hotel Regensburg
Mullerstrabe 7, 93059 Regensburg, Germany 

Featuring guest speakers from local fabs, the Rudolph Yield Forum™ provides process engineers, fab managers and tool owners with new application data and process control techniques that address current process challenges. Experts will speak to current trends and applications for macro defect inspection, 3DIC inspection and metrology, probe card test and analysis, thin film metrology, advanced packaging lithography, yield management and process control techniques

Featuring Keynote Speaker from Lufthansa
Manfred Müller
General Manager Flight Safety

Increasing Safety by Implementing Optimized Team Interaction—Experiences of the Aviation Industry

Also featuring guest speakers from Bosch, Dynex, LETI, STM, XFAB and more

Agenda Highlights

Wafer Processing (Front-End) Session

  • TSV Inspection and Metrology
  • Deployment of a Fabwide Yield Management System (YMS)
  • Fleet Management: Optimizing your Rudolph Inspection Systems
  • Bare Wafer Inspection
  • High Die Count Inspection
  • Implementing Spatial Pattern Recognition (SPR) in a Production Environment
  • Metrology Challenges and Techniques for Gate Oxide Control at 1x and 2x Nodes
  • Bulk Acoustic Metrology and Defect Inspection for Metal Structures
  • Transitioning from Old Systems to New Systems

Final Manufacturing (Back-End) Session

  • IGBT Inspection
  • Bulk Acoustic Metrology and Defect Inspection for Metal Structures
  • Using Kerf Inspection for Monitoring Sewing Systems
  • 3DI Process Characterization by Integrated Defectivity and Metrology
  • Monitoring Process Tool Particles & Edge Trip Defects using Darkfield Laser Scattering
  • Lithography Challenges for 2.5D Interposers and Related Processes
  • Fleet Management: Optimizing your Rudolph Inspection Systems
  • Cu Pillar and Micro Bump Inspection and Metrology

*Agenda subject to change. Check back for updated agenda. 

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Tel: 952-259-1650