For semiconductor manufacturers

Fabs want the total solution: Defect detection, analysis, classification and review

Rudolph’s Total Solution package includes one or more Rudolph defect inspection modules paired with Discover Software for inline defect analysis and data management and TrueADC Software for inline automatic defect classification. Using this approach, wafer fabs and advanced packaging facilities can improve yield by performing high-speed, automated inspection using the Rudolph defect inspection suite and transform defect data into actionable process control. When the E30 and B30 modules are paired with a wafer frontside inspection module, correlation of defect data from all surfaces provides faster, more efficient response to defectivity issues. Offline review, designed to increase inspection and classification throughput, guides users through the sequences of defect classification and correlation.

Explorer Platform

Intelligent, adaptive wafer scheduling, flexible inspection configurations and multiple loadport options


Enables resolution-throughput flexibility for multi-process inspection applications

NSX 330 Series

Combined defect inspection and 2D and 3D metrology

E/B Module

High-throughput full edge and backside inspection

NSX 220

Automated defect inspection for MEMS, LED and Semiconductors

Firefly Series

Sub-micron automatic defect inspection for wafers and panels

Dragonfly System

Fast, accurate and reliable 2D/3D inspection and metrology with 100% bump inspection


In-line, all-surface defect analysis and data management

TrueADC Enterprise

High performance ADC

Discover Review

A fast, intuitive, off-line, all-surface review and classification solution


All-Surface, Unpatterned Wafer Inspection