S3000™ Series

High throughput focused beam laser ellipsometry with optional deep UV and visible reflectometry on a flexible platform

Product Overview

Faced with the increasing complexity of semiconductor manufacturing processes, IDMs and foundries rely on high performance production-worthy transparent film metrology for fabwide process control.

Rudolph’s S3000 Series of metrology systems deliver superior measurement accuracy, repeatability and tool-to-tool matching on a highly reliable and flexible platform. Utilizing Rudolph’s patented focused beam laser ellipsometry (FBE) system with optional deep ultraviolet reflectometry, visible reflectometry, the S3000 System has been qualified to provide on-product process control for logic and memory processes down to the 1x node.

S3000 Series
S3000 Series



  • Multi-wavelength, multi-angle FBE offers excellent repeatability and intrinsic tool matching
  • Discrete laser wavelengths 633, 784 and 923nm.
  • Blue wavelength added to enhance sensitivity for SiGe and SOI applications
  • Thickness capability from 10Å to 90µm
  • Single and Multi-layer T,n,k for true fabwide metrology
  • Laser ellipsometry offers excellent repeatability due to a very stable light source
  • 190nm small site deep ultraviolet reflectometry (DUVR)

  • Visible reflectometer capable of measurements in 10µm site size
  • Temperature control enables tight gate oxide process monitoring
  • Flexible modular platform combine maximum capability with low CoO
  • Integrated stress bow capability to monitor film stress and wafer bow
  • SmartSearch Modeling algorithm for advanced applications
  • Central Recipe Manager for maintaining fleet security and control
  • Excursion detection

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